Don’t Rush

One of the things that throws people off is when it’s their turn, for some reason they feel like they need to rush. It’s, “oh, I gotta get up here and… blah blah…” No, you don’t. When you get up here, take your sweet ass time.

Strategy for “blanking out”?

I don’t know if there’s any strategy you can use after you’ve lost your train of thought; you’ve lost your train of thought. The key to this is to have so much exposure that the likelihood of blanking out diminishes greatly and to be prepared in the right way so that you feel like you control the material. The way you do that is to visualize it and use examples, rather than stringing together information. So if I ask you to describe your commute here this morning, you don’t need notes because you can see it, right? So, that’s the key. It’s very difficult to blank out when you can actually visualize it. The strategy is in the preparation, not after your blank out.

The goal is not to eliminate fear:

Eliminating public speaking anxiety is not the goal.  The goal is to perform even when you’re fearful.  Muhammad Ali’s blood pressure was so high when first fighting Sonny Liston that the doctors were not going to allow him to fight. Was he able to perform?